Solution to Infection Control Problem in Dental Practices

HuggOPTix™ PRO eyeglass retainers.

This revolutionary new product improves infection control/prevention during dental office procedures by eliminating lanyards currently used to hold eyeglasses with magnifying loupes in place.

Lanyards often loosen causing a loss of visual field. Using gloved hands to tighten the lanyard disrupts the clean technique which is noncompliant with CDC standards.
Alternatively, HuggOPTix PRO eyeglass retainers firmly retain glasses with loupes in place, thereby avoiding contamination of gloved hands when tightening a loose lanyard. They keep glasses in place by curving inward and contacting firmly onto the mastoid bone. They also eliminate discomfort of tight lanyards pressing on the back of the user’s head.
Made of a comfortable soft silicone material. Users often mention they do not feel them.
HuggOPTix PRO also includes a lanyard attached to the end of the retainers, allowing loupe/glasses to be held around the neck between procedures.
They are designed for glasses with magnifying loupes alone or loupes with lightweight lights.
Many dentists in the U.S., Canada and surgeons have replaced lanyards with HuggOPTix PRO.
The product received an independent positive review from Michael Miller, DDS, a renown dental educator who wrote a January 2023 commentary online at Reality, Rating & Review.
A dental manufacturing company, who for confidentiality reasons prefers to be unnamed, evaluated the HuggOPTix PRO with 24 dentists. They were asked to grade it for ease of use, comfort and efficacy solving the unmet infection control/prevention problem associated with cloth/plastic lanyards. On a scale of 0-10, with 10 being excellent, HuggOPTix PRO received an 8.8 score, essentially excellent.
HuggOPTix PRO are available on our website ( ) with video instructions.  Current pricing is $24 and volume discounts are available.
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