Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

HuggOPTix keeps your glasses in place by ensuring a good fit no matter the situation. The soft silicone contacts the bone above and past your ear, comfortably holding your glasses in place even when wet or moving around.

How does at attach?

Check out our video for a demonstration of the attachment.

It's super easy: Start with the retainer with the “L”. Place the end of the left arm of your glasses on the “L", weave it into the first hole and out the second. For thinner frames, or if it feels loose, continue weaving into the third hole and out the fourth.

How do I get the perfect fit?

For the best fit, HuggOPTix should be in contact with the bone above and past your ear. Slide it towards the front of your glasses until it is touching this bone. It should be snug and comfortable, and you will completely forget that it's there.

For folks with long hair, we recommend you pull your hair back when putting on your glasses to avoid accidental tangling and ensure the best fit.

Should I get the Standard model or Pro model?

The simple answer is if you want a lanyard for extra protection, go for the Pro.

The Pro model is often used by dentists, surgeons, or other medical professionals who wear glasses with magnifying loupes. It's also great for people using HuggOPTix on the water. It gives you the retention you want with the option to hang your glasses around your neck.